Fit4ever is built on a philosophy of empowerment, of motivation and the cultivation of daily habits that produce lifelong positive change and a healthier outlook on life. Our staff of experienced fitness experts are ready to provide you with the most advanced and effective training methods available. But we keep it simple so you will understand what works and why! Once you have made the decision to pursue total wellness, you simply need the expert guidance of a professional to teach you the right path to success. If this sounds like the solution you have been looking for...Welcome to Fit4ever Sports Performance!


Mike Manning is a leader in his field often times bringing leading edge thinking and action to his service offerings and his community. Whether it is teaching functional fitness classes, speaking at conventions or coaching his cycling team, Coach Mike gives both his 35 years of experience and unwavering dedication at every opportunity. He is a sought out fitness leader and can be found not only running his own wellness studio, but at all of the upscale athletic clubs in the Portland Metro area. Coach Mike is a man of his work and he knows his trade like very few do! Inspiring clients to achieve athletic excellence, one step at a time!

Dr. Bud Harris, CPT, cWC, CET
Health and Safety Engineer

Mike is an immensely creative and diverse trainer, complementing teaching the techniques of fundamental movements such as squats and deadlifts with a wide variety of work on rotation, mobility, core strength, balance, and in general the shoring up of whatever weaknesses his broad array of exercises (many of his own making) turns up. In addition to the workouts themselves, he provides people with instruction in nutrition and recovery that they can put to use between training days. His breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as his intelligence and communication, allow him to serve a range of clients from athletes seeking improved performance to the injured or long-sedentary seeking the restoration of health. I have been training with Mike for more years than I can remember, and hope to continue to do so as long as he works in my vicinity.

Terence Rokop
Software Engineer at Drobo, Inc.

I have worked with Mike as a cycling coach for three years now. Mike is dedicated, passionate, and works hard to tailor a program to the individual's specific goals and interests. If you're looking to become an Elite cyclist that competes at the highest levels, Mike can put together a proven winning program for you. If you're just looking to get a little stronger and faster on the bike in the time you can devote to the program - he'll do that too. The flexibility and willingness to tailor a specific program for each individual is one of his best assets. In addition, Mike mixes up several different styles and types of training programs along with sport specific training. This allows you to stay engaged and avoid getting "bored" with sport specific repeats and doldrums.

Shane Gibson
Sr. Principal Infrastructure Architect

J. Michael was a wonderful trainer that paid close attention to details to make sure that you were at your best!

Leo Tsou
High School Business Teacher at Jefferson County School District

Michael and I have been co-workers since April 2010 when I started working at Sunset Athletic Club; he's been there for longer. Quite a few members overlap in taking his studio cycle classes and my Tabata and other group-ex classes. I've heard nothing but good things about his classes from the members we have in common. Members still talk about his "Michael Mania" class, which they miss. I got a chance to get to know Michael better this summer as he attended the CrossCore training that I taught. I'm impressed with the breadth of his knowledge and his commitment to provide excellent, current training to his clients. 

Nancy Korf
Fitness Instructor, Personal trainer, Author

Mike was my cycling coach for 3 years. During that time I had significant improvements that were noticed by my teammates and race results. I got started in bicycle racing at 48 and had my best years with Mike's guidance and support. I would recommend him to anyone looking for cycling specific improvements.

Michael Adams
Engineered Wood Products Manager at Huttig Building Products

Mike is a hard working, involved, and committed coach. Your success as an athlete will be constrained by your own limits, not Mike's.

Jason Penney
Senior Software Engineer

Michael is a pro in every sense of the word. I can completely rely on him to know what’s best for me in order to optimize my performance. He’s a positive motivator who gives and expects the best. If you want to get results you would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Michael.

Patrick Bernards
Cofounder & Chief Enthusiast, Bull Run Distilling Co.